What's Our Strategy?

When engineering our CPD accredited comprehensive masterclass, our dedicated, specialist traders and mentors took into account that not everyone holds the same mentality, preferred style of learning or the financial goals and aims when it comes to trading. Therefore, we quickly understood that a rigid, one-size-fits all model simply would not work or be useful for every individual.

There are four key fundamental elements to our strategy and when these are all incorporated together, learners who attend our courses will be able to trade independently and confidently within the markets.

Trading Plan

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Those who trade professionally know that there is no truer statement when it comes to trading! That’s why during this section of our masterclass, learner will not only be taught the Black & Brahman trading strategy that underpins all other elements, but will also be provided with the necessary tools (such as software) to successfully implement into their current trading style. Within our online and in-person courses, you will then get assigned a mentor, who will work with you on a one to one basis to build upon this foundation and develop a personalised trading plan that fits your life style and is in line with your financial goals.

Trading Psychology

Take the emotion out of trading!

Does this sound familiar? You've opened a trade which ended up losing you money. As a reaction, you put on a riskier trade than you usually would in the hope of at least making your money back. Due to the trade being un-calculated and rash, it then loses you even more money. This is one example of many where emotions (not trading ability) have led to someone losing money, where a trader who understood the psychology of trading would have been much better off.

Using methods utilised by professional traders, we teach our learners to take the emotion out of trading so that impulsive decisions aren't made when they're ecstatic, frantic or bored.


Confidence is key!

Included in the price of our masterclass is your own personal mentor. Research shows that having a mentor (among other benefits) provides the confidence needed to correctly implement the trading plan, and therefore, have the best chance of generating your desired returns.

Your assigned mentor will be selected based on factors such as the sectors you're interested in trading, as well as your preferred trading style, allowing for the best match up for the mentee. With mentorship commencing after you've completed the course; with Black & Brahman, the learning continues. Mentors will quickly identify areas of your trading that can be improved, and then monitor and track your progress to make sure your trading remains consistent.

Risk Profile

What are your goals?

Our masterclass is primarily designed to teach learners to trade safely, reliably and profitably. This is ideal for traders with a low risk profile and/or those who are looking for a steady income.

However, for individuals who are willing and able to expose themselves to slightly higher risk in pursuit of faster or greater returns, our mentors can show how the Black & Brahman strategy can be adapted to achieve this.


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