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Although (as mentioned in 'Why trade?') a lot of individuals are trading for similar reasons; at Black & Brahman, we realise this doesn't mean everyone should trade the same way!

When it comes to financial trading, a one-size-fits-all model simply won't work. This is due to the fact different people have varying amounts of spare time and risk profiles, as well as the fact they are usually at different stages in their trading journeys. For example, one person may lead a busy lifestyle and only has a few hours on the weekend available to trade, whilst another has a part-time job and therefore has a few days per week they can dedicate to trading. Similarly, the money being traded for some may be deemed trivial to them, meaning they are open to exposing it to greater risk. On the other hand, others may be trading to save for a particular goal and as a result wish to learn a more reliable strategy.

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Introduction To Trading

Our Introduction to Trading (ITT) course is perfect for learning the fundamentals of trading. Although there is a lot of information scattered around out there on platforms like YouTube, ironically, following this advice can actually be detrimental to your trading performance. This is due to the fact different entities with differing strategies can (and do) use the same information and indicators in contrasting ways. The ITT is an excellent way for you to consolidate the necessary information so that you gain a strong platform to progress along your trading journey.

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Online Trading Masterclass

The Black & Brahman Online Trading Masterclass is a CPD accredited course that is a popular option for those who want to learn a comprehensive trading strategy, at a time and place that suits them. On completion of the masterclass, you will be able to trade in any market whether that's Forex, Crypto, Commodities or Stocks and Shares.

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In-person Trading Masterclass

Our In-Person Trading Masterclass is a CPD Accredited, 4-day course (generally spread over 2 weeks) and is delivered in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading. Attendees are able to learn the key trading topics directly from a professional trader and, therefore, really benefit from the knowledge and experience they provide. In addition to this, once the in-person classes are complete, the same trader will become your personal mentor to continue your learning.

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Trading Masterclass Plus

For those who are looking for bigger and faster returns, the Trading Masterclass Plus Package is the perfect option! With the flagship masterclass at its core; the plus package is adapted to teach traders how to take systematic risks to allow them to maximise their profits. Similarly to the classic trading masterclass, this CPD accredited course will teach you how to trade in any market whether that's Forex, Crypto, Commodities or Stocks and Shares.

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